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Name the spot and Pix will have the vehicle to get you there


Mobile digital suites

Hair & makeup trailer

Coffee machine

Our super long wheel base Mobile Digital Suites and equipment transporters are ideal for the metro run, while the 4WD Mercedes Sprinter hits the spot for any adventure that gets your heart pumpin. The Sprinter is capable of towing our hair and makeup trailer just about anywhere!

Our Fleet consists of 2 Toyota Hiaces, 1 Mercedes Sprinter and Suzy’s Hair and Makeup Trailer. The Sprinter and hair and makeup trailer combine to be 14.5 meters long so allow 5 parking spots when booking your location permits. The trailer has a toilet on board and a coffee machine can be added at your request.

Mobile Digital Suites have heavily tinted windows and dual battery inverters to charge laptops and devices as well as run monitors for days at a time.