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We love printing adventures

Epsom 11880

Archival pigment inks

100% cotton papers

Exhibition prints

Meet Luke “The Colour Master.” He is one of the founding members of our company. Starting with us in the minilab days at our Bondi location, Luke hammered out over a million prints on the minilab before being enlisted by Derek Henderson and others to become Sydney’s premier hand printer. Luke spent over a decade perfecting skin tones for the fashion industry and embarking on countless art printing journeys, before the digital age arrived.

The darkroom lights have been turned on and our Durst enlargers have been turned off. Luke’s tool of choice is now the Epson 11880. The industry Rolls Royce in 64” wide Pigment printing. At Pix we specialize in 100% cotton papers with the pigment inks to achieve the ultimate in print longevity.